Helen Streets homemade green Chutney

Homemade Green Tomato Chutney

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Green Tomato Chutney 8 oz onions chopped 1/2 pt vinegar 8 oz apples (after peeling and coring) 2 lb green toms skinned 1 tsp pickling spice 1/2 tsp salt 8 oz sugar

Preparation Method - Preparation Time 1 Hour

Put onions and vinegar in 1/8 pt vinegar, simmer till soft Add chopped apples and toms and salt. Spices tied in a muslin bag. Add enough vinegar to stop mixture burning.

Cooking Method - Cooking Time a good hour or more

Cook until fruit is soft stirring occasionally. Add rest of vinegar and stir in sugar. Boil steadily until mixture is thick. Remove spices, pour into jars. Hey presto Chutney. You can actually get pickling vinegar which i use instead of adding spice

Serving Tips

Well chutney with whatever you fancy.